Team Science depends on effective communication!

Use these handy tools to ensure that roles and expectations are crystal clear on your research team.

Authorship Agreement

Updated 06/06/2023

This agreement is intended to help establish and maintain clear expectations regarding authorship. It should be considered a living document that is completed by the authorship team, then revisited during meetings and revised as needed.

Mentoring Compact

Updated 11/27/2023

This Mentoring Compact was created to ensure mentors and mentees have a mutual understanding of expectations for the relationship. Signing this compact indicates a commitment to maintain a relationship built on mutual trust and respect, and to honor personal and professional confidences.

Collaboration Agreement

Updated 01/22/2024

This Agreement provides a set of questions teams should discuss together in order to clarify and align expectations regarding roles, responsibilities, credit, communication, contingencies, and the nature and duration of the collaboration.

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